"As long as we are not chased from our words we have nothing to fear. As long as our utterances keep their sound we have a voice. As long as our words keep their sense we have a soul." -- Edmond Jabes, from The Book of Yukel, Return to the Book

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As an Alien in a Land of Promise
A poem by Hank Kalet
with photos by Sherry Rubel.

$15, plus $4 shipping and handling.

Available now from Piscataway House Publications.

As An Alien in a Land of Promise is the latest work by poet Hank Kalet. Based on more than a year of reporting and research, the book is a hybrid work of journalism and poetry, with breathtaking photos by Sherry Rubel, that tells the story of the men and women who lived in the now-defunct Tent City in Lakewood, NJ.

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As an Alien in a Land of Promise: $15, plus $4 shipping and handling
Stealing Copper: $14.50, plus $4 shipping and handling
Certainties and Uncertainties: $12, plus $4 shipping and handling
Suburban Pastoral: $5, plus $4 shipping and handling

Books by Hank Kalet