"As long as we are not chased from our words we have nothing to fear. As long as our utterances keep their sound we have a voice. As long as our words keep their sense we have a soul." -- Edmond Jabes, from The Book of Yukel, Return to the Book

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dispatches: Filibuster the filibuster

The filibuster is the target of this week's Dispatches.


reinkefj said...

*** begin quote ***
The issue here is the filibuster itself. It’s time to end this archaic procedure and take away the ability of a group of small-state Ssenators to hold the American people hostage.
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Herb, herb, herb, ... don't you realize that the Dead Old White Guys feared democracy as mob rule. Hence, they tried to throw road blocks into the "popular will".

Lifetime appointment for judges and six year term Senators selected by the State Legislature were just two of the roadblocks they put in as ways to be a "republic".

They were also concerned that large states would overwhelm the little one. Why would a small state support the arrangement where they are always outvoted.

You "liberals" are always willing to change the rules to get your way. Note the Massachusetts change and rechange how to fill Kennedy's / Kerry's seat.

The reason that many states are talking secession is that the don't want to "play along". In short order, you may find that Vermont, Texas, Montana, and who know who else may seek to "leave the party".

Leave filibuster alone. Unless you're prepared to eventually fracture the Union. Remember in 2010, your precious "virtuous" D's may be in the minority and need the fillibuster to keep the "villainous" R's from passing this or that. (As if there was any difference between the two.)

Remember the R's got the two term limit to prevent another FDR and prevented Ike. That gave us Nixon. And, we see how well that worked out.

Don't mess with the Dead Old White Guys' design. Can we now repeal the direct election of Senators? That hasn't worked out so well either!

Anonymous said...

Having legislatures pick senators didn't work out at all, it was a disaster. Some states didn't select senators for years because of all the political squabbles and infighting. So they had no representation in the Senate for years at a time. The folks in those states were justifiably quite upset and made their outrage well known. The Dead Old White Guys only wanted white male property owners to have the right to vote. It's obvious that libertarians don't want too many people voting, that the vote should be a privilege for the select few. I'm sure that libertarians want to turn the whole voting process into a private for profit industry. If it goes bankrupt, then tough luck, no voting for that year. The right to vote is not in the US Constitution but it is in the state constitutions.
We are a representative democracy or a democratic republic, same difference. We are quite different from the German Democratic Republic or the republics of the USSR.
Jaysus, I really hate libertarianism. It's intellectual methamphetamine; it rots the soul and empties the spirit of any capacity for empathy or compassion.

reinkefj said...

*** begin quote ***
We are a representative democracy or a democratic republic
*** end quote ***

No! No "democracy". (At least, hopefully, not yet. But it is slipping away on us to that.)

We're supposed to be a "republic" where everyone has "rights". The democratic "will of the people" (i.e., mob rule) is limited as to what they can do.

(I say slipping away because of the expropriation of the Chrysler and GM bond holders, the hiring and firing of executives by Obama, and the vilification of Wall Street bonus getters. Did ya ever hear of a "bill of attainder"? Can't do that! Constitutionally.)

Secession anyone?

Anonymous said...

NJ secedes and so we will have President Corzine of the republic of NJ.
What a sh*t a$$ idea.

Anonymous said...

Let me clarify. The idea of secession is a stupid idea, not a president Corzine.
The whole secession crap was settled with the Civil War. It will not happen and it should not happen, it's just ridiculous nonsense.
Secession talk makes as much sense as the debunked birther nonsense. This is tin foil hat territory.

reinkefj said...

*** begin quote ***
The whole secession crap was settled with the Civil War.
*** end quote ***

Yup, the gooferment is based on force. We can "make" you do things.

Unfortunately, it's not settled as long as men are alive. (That's why you can't even keep drugs out of your prisons!) Just as the Soviet Union dissolved, so to will your vaunted "USA". Empires die in Afghanistan. Empires die when they debase their money. Empires collapse from within; rotten to the core.

It's the law of entropy. Men will be free!